Claudia Neubert

Claudia Neubert geboren 1982 in Chemnitz

is a woman who lets her life unfold in dedication to Truth.

Driven by the inner call for Truth since an early age, many times she had no other choice than to follow her heart, wherever it guided her. What has unfolded has been a very non linear journey, all embedded in the guidance of teachers, travels, raising two children, retreating, relationships and a simple, natural living environment. Deeply drawn to the pure essence of being, she experiences great love and enjoyment for the appearances of life, and to all of nature, in which the human body is one expression.

Born in Germany and currently living in Leipzig.

Robert Mechs und Claudia Neubert sind in der Ausbildung zum Gestalttherapeutischen Familienaufsteller und Holistic Bodyworker in Leipzig. Sie bieten Einzelcoachings mit Gestalttherapie und Körperarbeit, Systemisches Familienstellen, Atemmeditationen (Quantum Light Breath) und 5-Phasen-Tanz an.


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