1-1 Online Session

Meeting Yourself 1 to 1 online or in person sessions are a possibility is a holistic bodywork approach through which we will together make room for the secret of slowing down an


The session can include massaging, rythmic motion, gentle stretching, work on the body’s energy lines and assisted yoga postures in a holistic therapeutic experience. It can also include being held, sounding and voicing the body. This releases blocked energy and frees the body into its own natural healing potential.

Duration and Rate

An individual session is 2 hours long.

The exchange is 90€.

(If you have any financial restrictions presently, please do not hesitate to contact me)

During the session you will be laying down on a soft mattress, on the floor. Please wear comfortable long clothes (preferably cotton) that will keep you warm. You can also bring wool socks.