with Claudia Neubert

Meeting Yourself is a holistic bodywork approach through which we will together make room for the secret of slowing down and the wisdom of your body to unfold. This means we will first look at where you are standing right now: What are your current life themes? What are you going through? Where are you stuck or stressed right now in your life? Which patterns are there? And how is this all reflected in your body? Uncomfortable sensations in our bodies are always physical manifestations of emotional, psychological and spiritual energies (forces), which became suppressed, blocked or simply haven’t been fully purified.


By bringing awareness to your breathing, you will begin to connect with your body in a deeper & more direct way, relax deeply and actively support yourself in your letting go.


In this journey of Meeting Yourself, we will intuitively sense where and what kind of movement and touch your body requires. Through receiving touch, massage, stretching, loosening and mobilising the deeper layers of your body will literally get space to be seen, felt and voiced. The effect is a deep slowing down, stopping, coming in to your base, into your body and a sensation of calmness and clarity. You will be in tune with your own rhythm which is synchronized with the rhythm of the earth. In this, anything that needs to be faced, can occur. It can manifest as a stirring up of unmet wounds, traumas and memories which can then come into the light of seeing, allowing and accepting.



The session can include massaging, rythmic motion, gentle stretching, work on the body’s energy lines and assisted yoga postures in a holistic therapeutic experience. It can also include being held, sounding and voicing the body. This releases blocked energy and frees the body into its own natural healing potential.

Duration and Rate

An individual session is 2 hours long.

The exchange is 120€ for treatments in Germany.

Prices may vary for treatments in other countries.

(If you have any financial restrictions presently, please do not hesitate to contact me.)

During the session you will be laying down on a soft mattress, on the floor. Please wear comfortable long clothes (preferably cotton) that will keep you warm. You can also bring wool socks.