“Surrendering in Claudia’s hands feels like being taken through a dance, wherein she meets every part of my body with a deep intuitive listening. I feel both safe and well taken care of letting go in her hands as she leads me through and to all the places where care and attention is needed. Her work allows for deep places in me to be touched, rise to the surface and heal.

Her intuitive workings are an obvious reflection of her Love, which is present, to do and respond with whatever is needed for releasing - in both massaging and healing.

The meetings I have with Claudia are nurturing my human and supporting my integration with my body. She knows how to move with Silence and I do not doubt that her willingness and joy in giving, makes her able to assist with what is needed at any given phase in the Journey of embracing health and wholeness for our bodies.”



"The Session with Claudia was an Invitation to just let go - a Space to feel the Substance & Silence of my Being, to Dive beneath the surface and Deeply into myself. Claudia Danced with my Body like it was the most Tender Prayer…Intuitively Listening, Moving and Following the Breath, so that with each out-breath the Weight and Tension melted and with each in-breath Aliveness & Sensation Flooded into the Space That I am.

For me, Bodywork/Touchwork is not a luxury or an indulgence it is one of the greatest gifts that I give to myself over and over again, Honouring this Body Of Love in it's awakening to All that it is.


An Exceptional Bodyworker & Exquisiteness in Motion that is Rare…Claudia's Offering is Pure Beauty & Intimacy."


"When I met Claudia, I immediately loved her. She was warm and open, and when she hugged me, it was as though my body was drinking her in. Immediately I melted into her touch. I booked a session, without really knowing what to expect.

I felt comfortable, very safe, and able to relax in the session. Something I usually find incredibly difficult. What followed, within just a short time was truly profound. My body seemed to be emptying years of painful trauma that had been trapped inside. Whilst it wasn't an 'easy' session emotionally, I felt like the weight of the world had begun to lift, and a lightness had arrived in its place.

I've had a few sessions since then, and each one as beautiful as the last in very unique ways. Each time I was held in absolute love. I can't recommend Claudia strongly enough. I'm so grateful to have met her, and can't wait until I'm back in Orgiva so I can book in again."


"My bodywork session with Claudia was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

Claudia’s profound understanding of the physical and energetic body creates a safe, sacred space. Her seamless balance of structure and flow helped to guide me into a deep inner-listening. I felt so held by her body and her presence that I could completely relax and explore where my body was longing to open deeper. Thus I began to experience how emotions are linked to my physical body, and I enjoyed feeling free to express and release these previously suppressed emotions.


There is something profoundly healing for me with the physical and emotional relating of two human bodies, and Claudia’s powerful yet gentle guiding presence is perfect for inviting true growth and opening."


"I started my first session with Claudia expecting a nice massage and maybe some emotional release. But, what I got from my sessions with Claudia was significantly more than I could have possibly imagined. To start off with, when she touched my body, I felt incredibly safe, loved, and cared for. It felt as if I was a baby being held by my mother in her loving arms.


I have had pain in my hip area for about 5 years, and without giving her any guidance about where I have pain, she ended up finding the place where I had pain and focused a lot on it. I don’t know how she did it, but something released from my hips that enabled them to open up and lighten, significantly reducing the pain. I have been to many types of doctors, as well as chiropractors, acupuncturists, masseurs, and healers to help me with my hips, but nobody was able to provide as much release as Claudia did.


But, more importantly than addressing the pain in my body, what I care about most is to be completely free and loving in every moment, with everyone. I have devoted much of my life to investigating my emotions and releasing traumas from my body. However, much to my surprise, Claudia was somehow able to identify and help me release emotions that were really preventing me from loving and physically connecting with others on a deep level. All without me even saying a word. She was so connected with me during our sessions that she knew what was going on in my body better than I did. I felt more intimately connected with Claudia during our sessions than I ever have with any other human being.


After working with Claudia, I feel like a different human being… more loving, more free, more powerful, and less pain. She is easily the most gifted bodyworker I have ever experienced. I can’t recommend sessions with her highly enough."