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Open Heart Yoga, Meditation & Embodiment ~ Retreat for Women

30th of April – 6th of May 2017 in Hidden Paradise, Spain

“Just imagine the idea of letting go of every day chores and totally focus on yourself. Not the exterior, but your inner life.”

We are inviting you to be part of a unique opportunity, a Women´s Retreat in one of the most beautiful retreat centres in Europe. Be part of a life changing experience, which will bring forth true Embodiment as a woman and your Self-Healing potential.

Embedded in a safe environment you will be able to be in a deep and authentic connection with yourself, getting in touch with your own inner Truth through deep relaxation, conscious movements and mindful breathing, developing your awareness and presence with your body, sensations, emotions, and thoughts.

Facilitated by Kristina Dürr, advanced Yoga and Meditation teacher and Claudia Neubert, specialist in Deep Healing Bodywork, the retreat offers you the chance to explore your inner wisdom and your real power as a woman. This retreat will give space to take a break from the busy life we live, to feel deeper into yourself and to connect with other women in equality and joy.

The body is the key to our innate intuition and wisdom. Everything you need to know and experience about yourself emerges from your body through its own unique intelligence. We will allow the voice that comes from our heart and our soul to speak up and be listened to.

To go on a retreat means to leave everyday life behind and to take the possibility to reflect on how your life is manifesting itself right now. It gives us perspective and often insights of what needs to change if we want to live a life true to our own values and to deeply connect with ourselves and others.

The power and support of connecting with other women in an honest and authentic way is infinite. It cherishes our soul and opens our heart. This retreat is for women of all ages and is not about perfection, accomplishing anything or to reach a specific goal. It’s about harmony, presence and a new loving friendship with ourselves.

- Through daily guided meditation, yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama), sharing circles, healing bodywork and celebration, you will be able to find rest in yourself, let go of tensions and trust in life more fully.

- The yoga classes will strengthen your body and support your connection with your innate body wisdom through deep relaxation.

- There will be a period of silence to support the movement into ourselves, to be more aware of our mind and emotions.

- The changes in your body and mind will be long lasting and life changing, inviting joy, peace and kindness into your everyday precious life.

Quite simply, we are tasting the feeling of being God’s gift to this Earth!


Hidden Paradise in Las Alpujarras at the foot of the Sierra Nevada is a magical place to take a well needed break and strengthen the beauty and hidden light we all have within us.

There will be the opportunity to book massages, rest by the pool, enjoy the magnificent views and just relish the empowering and nourishing female energy where we care about our own and each other’s well-being.

The plentiful delicious vegetarian meals, served three times a day supports our nourishment of body and soul.

Please enjoy the beautiful impressions from the website:

When: 30th of April to 6th of May 2017

Price: €480 Retreat fascilitation and organisation costs

Early Bird Price: €420 (if you register until the 15th of February)

[if !supportLists][endif] including: three or four sessions of daily guided classes in yoga, meditation, bodywork and sharing circles

[if !supportLists]not including: Accommodation and food €300/p, your flight, transfer from Malaga airport to the retreat centre (approximately €40/way, which we can organize for you), individual Bodywork sessions which can be booked separately

Signing up for the retreat or for further inquiry please contact me via my website or per mail

We are so looking forward to this week of immersion into truth together with you and wish you a warm and heartfelt Welcome!

Kristina and Claudia

Beautiful Hidden Paradise

Booking Terms: Retreats cancelled by you up to 2 weeks before the retreat starts: 75% of fee still applies. Retreats cancelled by you up to 1 month before the retreat/workshop start date: 50% of the fee still applies. Retreats cancelled by you up to 6 weeks before the retreat/workshop start date: 50% of the fee still applies. If for any reason, we need to cancel a retreat/workshop, a full refund will be given or the booking will be transferred to another retreat/workshop.


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