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Sharing about the 1-1 Online Meetings

This sharing of a client of mine who I have met several times in online sessions is a blessing in itself. Be inspired and nourished...

"As someone who has experienced intense physical pain, anxiety and stress for several years, I have been determined to find answers​​ and relief. I have tried several types of intense psychotherapy, various diets / supplements, and daily yoga / meditation. I have also had the fortune to work with several gifted and well-known spiritual teachers, in addition to attending several silent meditation retreats.

While I experienced some benefit from each of these endeavors, each fell short and left me with the sense that something was still wrong and that I must keep searching for an answer. My experience is that despite most teachers' and therapists' best and sincerest efforts, their students subtly hear that something is wrong with them that must be fixed. The teachers give their students something to do, which temporarily makes a student feel like he or she is getting somewhere; however, eventually, the student comes back to his unwanted experience in the body and mind, at which point he goes searching for different answers and teachers. I have often felt like I'm running a long race and that as I get close to the finish line, someone comes and moves the finish line further away.

With Claudia, it's been different. She is the most loving, kind-hearted and gentle person I have personally met in my life. It's as if she meets me exactly as I am, holds me, helps me to look at and be with the parts of me that are painful and then encourages me to stay close to myself as opposed to going out for an answer. Although I have only worked with her on Skype, I have felt more held and cared for by her than by anyone I have ever met or with whom I have worked.

I don't know how to explain exactly what she does but I know the outcome has been extraordinary. The sense I have is that she is pure, radiant love and that she somehow enters my body and brings my attention to the places that need love. It is as if every time I try to abandon myself, she lovingly reminds me to stay close and we sit together and relax into the painful places inside of me. The result is my body feels relaxed and peaceful.

On our second call, I spent nearly the entire call crying. It seemed the crying was coming from deep inside of me and that places I had never known were being held and healed. It was as if Claudia entered my body, found the most painful places inside of me and showed me everything was okay. I have had several other calls with Claudia and after each call, my body feels more light and relaxed.

In a world where most people are continuously bombarded with the idea that they are not okay (that they must chase the next achievement, relationship, financial gain, spiritual insight, etc.), Claudia has been a refreshing voice that has showed me that it is okay to stop, relax and just be myself.

Claudia is a gift to this world, a woman wise beyond her years and more loving than anyone I have ever met. Her warmth, love, humor and sincerity have helped to heal my body and mind. If you're dealing with any type of anxiety, depression, unhappiness or pain, or if you just want more love and peace, I strongly encourage you to connect with Claudia."

Carl Z., USA

Thank you!

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